The Most Frequently Asked Questions About a Human Resource Software

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About a Human Resource Software
25 May 2021

Planning for a HRIS system is tough, especially when you have so much questions on your management meeting table and wonder which is the best HR software in town. Investing in a technology can be tough deal, but as it is your one-time investment, it can surely get you good returns (Unless of course you choose the right one!!). Here are 19 questions answered relating to HR and Payroll System that you can look forward to. (A FREE GIFT IS WAITING, READ THROUGH) ;)

1. What is its advantage in terms of financial and Human Resources?

 --  As we know procuring a HR system is your capital investment decisions and we are aware that it’s return are your concerns. Using our system can give you manual manpower cost reduction that will:

i. Have your human resources spend much time on other productive decision making and human capital investment

ii. Give you reduced manual costing that will reduce your administrative and other operating expenses to increase the profit in the long run. So, it is a one-time financial investment for you.

2. How will it help to reduce my human working works?

-- Imagine yourself inside the pile of documents if you have to search a missing file, the maintenance of appraisal document of many staffs at once, the complexities and time taken to manage the grades and payroll during the payroll period of the month, it takes you hours to just process the data. Our system will do it in few clicks, that way it reduces your human working works.

3. How much monetary reduction will us be benefited?

-- If you are incorporating just attendance and leave system, manually if you are using two extra manpower to monitor the attendance and to make record of it by paying Rs. 15,000 each (just an example), you will be saving Rs. 30,000 just by the installation of a single module as your HR Admin can pull the attendance record in a click.

Now, take into account how many HR personnel you are to run all the functions in your department? Reduce it to just 2/3 HR and Admin Users as other employees will be having their own self service for themselves. The cost savings and monetary reduction are right there calculated on your hands.

4. What is the accuracy?

-- Pressing 1+1 in a calculator gives you 2, ALWAYS. It’s that simple with a software too.

5. What is the efficiency?

--It all depends upon the data. If you are providing proper data of your organization, you ALWAYS get quality output. However, minor bugs and lags are seen in brilliant and brilliant of software internationally too.

6. How good is the control over manpower?

-- Technology and software are designed to follow our command. They understand what is wrong what we set on it. If you would want to control over the manpower, you can set the rules like no back dated attendance request, only 15 minutes of grace time for attendance or no grace time at all, etc. Also, you can giver modules and user access selectively to each and every individual on each and every module so that yes!! If you want, you can have a really good control over the manpower.

7. How much time is saved or how much time is consumed?

-- To be extremely honest with you, the initial data preparation, migration, modules implementation and training is the only phase where you time is consumed. Once everything is set and manpower are trained, all you can observe is swift and easy processes with so much time saved.

8. How is the cost controlled?

-- As mentioned earlier, your manual cost on each and every HR functions are controlled by using our software. So, basically your manpower cost as well as the cost of manual process are controlled narrowing down your operating expenses.

9. What are the reports generated by cit, epf, cit, ssf and in other regards?

-- We have the best ever payroll system you can get in Nepal. Our system supports and generates all type of TDS, SSF, CIT, PF , etc. reports with full on government rule compliance on payroll and grade calculation. The reports are customizable as per your needs. We also have direct export to SSF function that will generate you the format for the SSF posting.

10. Can it be linked with banking?

-- Yes, we can integrate with CBS or other banking software if they are open to call API with us.

11. will it auto generate the pay slip?

-- Definitely YES!! The pay slip can also be mailed or displayed in the self-service portal of each individual employees.

12. Will it prepare the ledger?

-- The system doesn’t automatically prepare ledgers or trial balances and we don’t have inbuilt accounting software but it can generate any type of reports that you would want to post on your third-party accounting software and can be API enabled to integrate with accounting software as well.

13 How will it handle advances and bonuses?

-- The employees can ask for advance from their own self-service portal and after the supervisors approve of it, it can be forwarded to payroll admin part for the reconciliation after advance has been paid to employees. The bonuses can either be provided bluntly during payroll calculation or if you have especial taxation policy on bonus, you may set the formula and your payroll slip adjusts accordingly.

14. How much time will it consumes in daily, weekly and monthly?

-- It depends upon the MODULES!! Well, it doesn’t take much time working in a software. We can say if managed properly, the amount of time you have been consuming on the manual process is cut off by 45-50% while operating on a system.

15. How it handles the shift workers and absenteeism?

-- We have the option of creating Shift and Duty Rooster as per your shift policy and manage the employees who are allocated to special shifts. For example, if the shift of an employee starts at 9:30 and he/she punches in at 9:00, it shows that the shift has not yet begun, similarly shows lateby , early by or absent on the attendance reports of every individual.

Moreover, the admin or the supervisor can login to their dashboard to see the total absenteeism for the day or specific period, thanks to the dynamic dashboard and widget creation with customizable analytical report generation tools.

16. Can it generate report of an individual in yearly basis in terms of financial and displininary like absenteeism, punctuality. 

-- Yes!! IT does. Once again, thanks to the dynamic dashboard and widget creation with customizable analytical report generation tools. We have a report builder, which can create special customized reports as per your requirements either in excel file or charts, pie chart, diagrams and all.

17. Why do we need to choose Nimble over other software?

-- This can be answered well if you let us a chance to show why rather than to say why but for the respect of your question, these are the following reasons why:

The most dynamic and customizable software in Nepal,
Over 11 years of experience in HR software
Over 300 plus clients from 10 plus industry segments,
A dedicated team of 50 plus employees and splendid implementation and support system.
Up to date with Government policies and auto updates on the payroll system.

18. What additional benefits does nimble provide over other service providers?

-- We are always exploring the ways we can help our partners be the best and leading company for HRMS solution through the push of the technological wings,

--we provide Sunday to Friday support with ticket system that will help you and your queries addressed along with on demand premium support service for a premium price,

--we not only implement our system but collectively and participatory work as a consultant for your special requirements on the policies as well and the ways you can grow your overall business.

-- we don’t take you as our client but as our partner to transform your organization digitally.

Congratulations!! You have made it till the last. Kindly use the code SABLOG1 to get one month of free service on your first purchase with us as an appreciation from my side. To redeem the gift, you may also connect through my email directly. Got additional questions?? Feel free to talk to us.

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