Nimble HRMS: The Best HR Software in Nepal

Nimble HRMS: The Best HR Software in Nepal
24 Mar 2024

Nimble HRMS is the best HR software in Nepal, it stands as the epitome of cutting-edge Human Resource Capital Management automation software, encompassing every aspect of human resource management from recruitment to post-retirement management. It proudly holds the title of Nepal's best-selling, most popular, widely used, and the first choice of customers in Human Resource and Payroll Management Software with the best in class service and cutting-edge solutions.

A Trusted Provider: Nimble Infosys

Since its inception in 2010, Nimble Infosys has been a leading HR software provider in Nepal. Nimble HRMS has garnered widespread adoption from prestigious organizations across various sectors, including Government Institutions, Banks, Microfinance Institutions, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, and Hotels. It effectively caters to diverse operational environments, from traditional office settings to complex 24-hour work environments and factories.

Comprehensive Modules Offered by Nimble HRMS:

Recruitment Process: Seamlessly automate the employee intake process from manpower gap analysis to onboarding, enabling efficient planning of workforce requirements, vacancy publication, candidate management, and position approval tracking.

Onboarding: Facilitate a smooth onboarding process for new employees through personalized welcome messages, supervisor introductions, departmental notifications, and self-service portals for personal information input.

HRMS Processes: Manage all employee information and documents throughout their tenure, from entry to exit, in a centralized location. This module covers employee information, letter generation, job descriptions, task mapping, field and travel reimbursements, and comprehensive HR analytics reports.

Payroll, Tax, and Compliance: Handle complex payroll calculations with ease, including salary structures, loans, advances, taxes, and compliance with government regulations. Nimble HRMS ensures seamless integration with ERP and CBS systems for direct posting of payroll vouchers.

Leave and Attendance: Customize dynamic leave rules, manage employee work hours, and oversee attendance across various organizational settings, including integrated attendance devices, web, and mobile apps with GPS tracking.

Performance Appraisal: Automate performance evaluation processes with online exams, goal settings, task tracking, dynamic appraisal form designing, and multi-layer review mechanisms.

Training Automation: Streamline the complete training cycle, including training needs assessment, calendar management, material sharing, nomination processes, pre-post training assessments, and consolidation of training reports.

Employee Self-Service with Mobile Apps: Empower employees with personal dashboards, access to information, onboarding automation, payslip viewing, leave and attendance management, request approval workflows, and exit processes—all accessible via web and mobile apps with GPS tracking capabilities.



Nimble HRMS is more than just a software—it's a comprehensive solution that transforms HR management practices, bringing efficiency, transparency, and compliance to organizations across Nepal. With its array of modules catering to every aspect of HR management, Nimble HRMS is the go-to choice for organizations seeking to optimize their human capital management processes. Nimble HRMS stands as the best HR system in Nepal.

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