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hrms, hris, payroll, attenance, leave, training automation, recruitment and appraisal system in nepal
recruitment, darbandi and onboarding


Fixed Position, Workforce Planning, Employee Requisition, Job Board, Recruitment Process, Employee In Letters and Onboarding.

keep record of joining to retirement in single system such as hris, leave, attendance, letter generator, training automation and travel management


Employee Records, Leave, Attendance, Timesheet, Job History, Grievances, Letter Generation, Training, Travelling, Reimbursement, Insurance etc.

payroll system with tax, pf, cit and ssf


Most dynamic payroll system to handle any kind of complexity in payroll calculation, Taxation, Loan, Advance, Compliances and Reporting.

employee self service with mobile apps

Employee Self Service

Everything need to employees on their finger tips with personal dashboard, request, approval & notification system.

360 degree performance appraisal system in nepal

Performance Appraisal

Paper and excel less 360 degree appraisal including online exam, goals, task, achievement with various appraisal parameters and analytics.

automate employee exit process with full and final calculation

Employee Exit

Online Resignation, Approval, Multi Unit Clearance, Exit Survey, Notice Period, Employee Out Letters and Full and Final Calculation.

About Nimble HRMS

Nimble HRMS is the all-in-one Human Resource Capital Management process automation software that automates everything about the human resource management with recruitment to retirement including post-retirement management. It is the best-selling, most popular , widely used and first customer choice Human Resource and Payroll Management Software in Nepal.

Nimble Infosys is a leading HR software provider company in Nepal working in the market since 2010. Nimble HRMS is widely used by many reputed and leading organizations of Nepal such as Government Organizations, Government & Commercial Banks, most of the Micro Finances, Development Banks, Group of Companies & Corporates, many NGOs & INGOs, leading Educational Institutions, Hospitals, and Hotels with the most complex working scenario such as factories and 24-hour working environment.

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automate your recruitment process including manpower analysis to applicant tracking process

Recruitment Process

Seemless automation of employee in process from manpower gap analysis, recruitment process to onboarding.

  • Plan your Workforce such as planning for number of employees, promotion, transfer, budgeting etc.
  • Request for Manpower by Departments with approval work flow.
  • Vacancy Publish in personalized corporate job board.
  • Candidate Login with self profile and job application management.
  • Applicant Tracking such as application collection, communication, interviews or selection process to offer letter.
  • Approved Position or Darbandi to keep record of total approved position on organization with utilized and vacant position analytics.
seamless onboarding process using hr system to welcomming employees


Manage seamless onboarding process using system to welcomming employees.

  • Employee Welcome Message send with information of related documents for new joinee.
  • Introduce Supervisor and Team with required information.
  • Notify Departments for resource allocation such as GSD, IT etc.
  • Share Documents and required information in self service portal.
  • Personal information input by self to save HR person time.
best hr software in nepal, specialized implementation in complex environment for attedance, payroll and appraisal .

Seamless HRMS Process

Manage all information and documents of employees from entry to exit in one centralized location with recording of all historical data.

  • Employee Information and Service History from entry to exit.
  • Generate Letter for any Templates with self designing feature.
  • Job Description, Task and Activities mapping with real-time employees efficiency.
  • Field, Travel and Reimbursement to plan travel with activities, request and settle travel advances, TA-DA and expenses.
  • Recording Strength and Weakness of Employees such as Training, Education, Performance, Punishment etc.
  • HR Analytical Reports with self customizable feature.
nimble payroll to handle any kind of complexity in payroll calculation, Taxation, Loan, Advance, Compliances and Reporting

Payroll, Tax and Compliances

Most trusted payroll system to handle any kind of payroll calculation complexities such as Salary, Wages, Taxation, Loan, Advance, Compliances and Reporting.

  • Flexible Pay Structure with group or individual wise salary structure and change history including grade plan.
  • Loan, Advance, Overtime, Allowances and Expense Claim process with request and approval mechanism.
  • Compliance All Government Rules including Tax Management, Tax Planning, Optimum Retirement Fund, Labour Act and SSF.
  • Integrated with ERP and CBS to directly post payroll voucher to core accounting system such as SAP, Finacle, Pumari, MFin, Finpro & Fact.
  • Monthly or Yearly Provision of Leave, Medical and Gratuity Provision.
  • Cost Center, Analytical Reports with customization option.
complete leave and attendance software with automated overtime and allowances

Leave and Attendance

Set dynamic leave rule, employee work hours, OT rules based on employee by-law with multiple level of approval workflow.

  • Leave Management to manage leave policy such as Leave allocation, balances, lapses, carry forward or encashment.
  • Attendance System to manage attendance of employees in any type of organizations such as BFIs, corporate, factories, hospitals, INGOs, School, College with OT and Allowances.
  • Integrated attendance device, web or mobile apps with location tracking for attendance.
  • Specially Customized for Group of Companies, Complex Factory Environment with supporting shift plan, 24 hour duty, OT and dynamic reporting.
360 degree performance appraisal system using by nepalese organizations

Performance Appraisal

Paper and excel less appraisal process including, online exam, goals, task, achievement with flexible design, rating standard, questions, multi layer review and analytics.

  • Goal Settings mapping with KPI Matrix of individual, organizational goals and set target, achievement with rating indicators.
  • Goal or JD based activities, Target vs Achievement to match the previously set goals, targets and achievements.
  • Dynamic appraisal form designing with flexible questionnaire, rating options, groups and sections such as qualitative & quantitative etc.
  • Online Examination to map employees knowledge with organization goal and KPI matrix, also for Training need identification.
  • Self Appraisal and multi layer review process including point wise rating, overall comments, promotion, increament, service renewal & confirmation.
  • Appraisal finalization, apply and analytical reports to publish result and apply the impact of appraisal final result to employee profile.
Automate complete training cycle for organization including training need assessment, training requisition, nomination with pre-post assessment and feedback

Training Automation

Complete Training Cycle Automation including training need assessment, training requisition, nomination with pre-post assessment and feedback.

  • Training need assessment Process on schedule basis.
  • Training Calendar to manage training schedules and publish.
  • Trainging Materials such as attachment or videos sharing.
  • Employee Nomination with supervisor approval process flow.
  • Feedback by Attendees for attended trainings.
  • Pre-Post Training Assessment for mapping effectiveness of training.
  • Consolidate Employees Training reports to analyse for the selection of candidate with hirarchy.
employee self service with mobile apps

Employee Self Service with Mobile Apps

Allow every employee to engage with office environment from their finger tips with personal dashboard,request,approval & notification system available in Web and Mobile apps with GPS Tracking..

  • Access of self or subordinate information based on permission.
  • Onboarding process to automate onboarding via self service.
  • View payslip, tax calculation and tax planning such as insurance and CIT request.
  • Leave, Attendance, Overtime, TA-DA, Allowances and many other request approval process flow such as transfer, inventory, asset etc.
  • Employees Personal Dashboard with pending approval, notices, TODOs, birthday, holiday and many other features.
  • Mobile Apps with Location Tracking useful for field staffs including all required features for self service.
  • Exit Process or Off-boarding with resignation request, approval, exit survey and overall clearance process.
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