Overtime Management; A Hassle?

Overtime Management; A Hassle?
8 Feb 2022

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Overtime Management; A Hassle?

For over years, keeping proper balance between time and attendance in the organization was a matter of trust. It was more like an estimate game as the HR managers used to heavily rely on their employee’s honesty in order to account for hours logged on the job. Employees would check in and out of the company without prior information which later on caused major trauma in the HR department, especially during the “Overtime Calculation”. 

But wait a minute, what actually is “Overtime”?

Overtime refers to the amount of time someone works beyond normal working hours. It is also a term used to describe the pay one receives for working these extra hours. Depending on the country you are in, employees are required to report the number of hours they work extra and be paid extra accordingly. Previously, section 16 of the Labor Act (2048) stated that no employees or workers can be employed for more than 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. If he works for more than 48 hours per week, he is eligible to be paid overtime wages at the rate of one and a half times his ordinary wages.”

And, what creates “Overtime Errors”?

Overtime errors can arise if you miss a payment in any of the following scenarios:
•    When employees work during their leisure hour
•    When employees spend time travelling between work sites
•    When employees are required to participate in extra activities outside of normal hours

Incorrectly logged overtime hours can lead to improper overtime payments, which leads to numerous errors possibly spanning across multiple tax years. These errors can be incredibly unsettling for the employees as well as the employers. 

So, what can possibly be the solution to minimize these errors?

Fortunately, Nimble Attendance and Leave Management System is the one-stop solution. Take a look at how this system can benefit your organization:

Automated Overtime Calculation: Define clear overtime rules and calculate overtime pay automatically with easy balances and payroll data.

Tracks all time: Keep track of all the hours that the employers work, whether it be on site or away from the office.

Extra flexible workforce: Easily observe overtime balances with attendance statements and get work-life balance insights.

Error-Free: Avoid the manual logging and costly mistakes made in the past and get the error free answers to all your queries.

Real Time Data: Track all the hours of the employees in real time and create better working time management.
Therefore, make every hour count with proper Nimble’s overtime tracking effortlessly and let go of the hectic manual process. Our smart software can easily increase profitability and reduce errors while helping you plan for your future HR and payroll needs. Learn More by CLICKING HERE!


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