ONBOARDING; The Welcoming of your Newbies.

ONBOARDING; The Welcoming of your Newbies.
11 Nov 2021

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                                           BLOG SESSION 2:  ONBOARDING YOUR PERFECT CANDIDATE

On our last blog session, we talked regarding the RECRUITMENT of the employees and if you have not yet read the blog, you may click here

So, when it comes to new hires, it isn’t all just handshakes and health insurance forms. It is more than hiring a new person and job training the employee. Let’s make it sound more meaningful, Onboarding is an art as each employee brings with them a potential to achieve and succeed (makes more sense, right??)

It can be pretty tempting to pull together some docs and call it a day, but there’s more coordination that needs to happen to welcome new employees and empower them to succeed. By now, many questions may have popped up in your head such as “How do you welcome a new employee?” “What is a new employee checklist?” “What are the phases of onboarding?” (Hmm…. sounds tough but wait what if I told you I got an answer for all these questions?)

Basically, new hires are decided in the first three to six months whether to stay with your organization or not and that effective onboarding has a big influence on your decision. The new employee checklist has all the documents and procedures that you need to run for an employee onboard. Equally tempting are the phases of the onboarding. These phases include from pre-on boarding, welcoming new hires, role-specific training and orientation, and easing the transition to their new role.  

So, keeping all these major points in concerns, we are planning to implement an onboarding software which would help you focus less on formalities and more on creating better first days. Furthermore, onboarding could help in: 
•    Keeping easy track of your new hire’s performance
•    Identify improvements
•    Automated Task Management
•    Onboarding Checklists
•    Employee Engagement 
•    Survey Forms and more. 

What do you wish for your onboarding system to look like? Feel free to drop us your thoughts here. We want to help ensure you keep great people on board with great onboarding through an organized and efficient process, which makes you and your organization look great to new employees (and that means it’s more likely they’ll become the most permanent ones) Get your new hires to stay excited and engaged from day one? Start by personalizing the onboarding experience to the individual and their upcoming role in your organization.

For more exciting Blogs session, stay tuned. Email us at [email protected], for any suggestions, queries or topics you would want us to cover. See you next time. 

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