Making Attendance and Leave Paperless

Making Attendance and Leave Paperless
19 Dec 2021

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                                           BLOG SESSION 3:  Attendance and Leave Management 

Imagine.. it’s the end of the month and your entire HR department is flooded by piles of employee attendance and leave sheets. In this era of automation, you are digging inside the flooded paper manually for salary calculation. (That might be the worst nightmare to you as a HR professional..!!!)

So, in this blog session we will talk about how you can effectively manage the attendance and leave of your employee.

Attendance and Leave are the two vital factors which is linked either directly or indirectly during the salary calculation. If not tracked properly, it would create a big trauma between the HR, employee and the supervisor. I bet nobody wants to get that headache, right? Traditional time management methods such as spreadsheets and the manual entry of timesheets will lead to payroll errors and a reduction in employee morale. It also requires a significant amount of managerial time. (We have to get a solution!!) 

Ever thought about using a software which can monitor the hours worked by each employee and figure out ways to ensure security and maximize efficiency and productivity at the same time? Well, you might give a thought now because NimbleHRMS brings a win-win solution for the enterprise as well as the employees. Every business, either small or big, especially in this digital age, can now tap into a variety of benefits offered by the attendance and leave management system.

What are the benefits?
•    Manage and process attendance and leave requests with just a click of few buttons (Saves your valuable time)
•    Generates online leave application and proper reporting (Boosts productivity)
•    Approval and rejection of leave application through the software (Enhances transparency)
•    Real time data calculation (Increases accuracy which means less errors)
•    Proper tracking of data according to the organizational rules and regulations (Clarifies company’s policy)

Gone are the days when HR team had no option other than to manage employee attendance and leave manually. For the long run, integrate a attendance and leave management system into your business and use it in smart way to manage employee attendance and leave in order to boost business growth. 

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