Human (R)esource with 3R- (R)esilience, (R)einvention, (R)evitalization

Human (R)esource with 3R- (R)esilience, (R)einvention, (R)evitalization
10 Sep 2021

Human (R)esource with 3R- (R)esilience, (R)einvention, (R)evitalization 

Technology is at its highest today and will be even higher tomorrow. Yesterday we talked about innovation and today we talk about Re-invention and Renovation. We believe this year is all about our Resources in HR and how to make them more Re-silient, more Re-vitalizing and even more Re-inventing. In addition to it, we also talk in this era regarding the HR trends and if the HR software is as strong as we are willing to make our resources because technology and people must get empowered together. This is also the theme of this year's National HR Conference by HRSN and Nimble Infosys. So let's have a peek of it, shall we?

Resilient stands for the capacity to quickly recover from difficulties and rough situations. This is the bounce back ability and how to take the damage easily. This is one of the crucial aspects of empowering HR, to make them resilient to any changes or damages and to bounce back even stronger. A HR software must be able to support these resilient HR in their every day HR functions. It acts like a sponge to absorb all the damage, the unmanaged data and give back smooth, error free applications, EVERYTIME. 

Reinvention means re-inventing. How many times would you use the creativity and energy to build up something new from the scrap. This is the era of thinking and working smart rather than hard. The same energy can be spent on recreating something already existing to something entirely new. At Nimble, we work with the same principle. Imagine purchasing a software that is more likely the dead end, no upgradation, no new feel and no newness. This is a straight “NO-NO” for us. Here, we regularly upgrade ourselves along with HR, their requirements start from a mere Payroll or Attendance and Leave Management to HR analytics, Dynamic Dashboards, Report Building Tools and full-fledged HR Information System. 

Revitalization synonyms with Resurrection, Rebirth, Reactivate or Renewal. It is more like a company that hits the decline phase and simply raises to growth again.  This is another very important aspects of empowering HR. HR is a never ending job as managing people is equally challenging and changing every day. We bring in more tools, more engagement, more motivation on the plate as we serve people. The more creativity we throw in, the more revitalized the process gets. Along with the HR, the HR software revitalizes too. Like the coin sides, they never are truly complete without each other. 

10th National HR Conference (Empowering HR with 3Rs) 
HR conference as every year is organized by Human Resource Society Nepal and technologically partnered with Nimble Infosys; a dynamic and integrated HR software which makes it the best HR Software in town. We have catered the needs of Human Resource Professionals and HR Department like no others. We know you; we are here for you and this year too, we are here to revitalize and restructure you with all the goodness of experience, knowledge sharing and networking through online platform. Booking has started. Make sure to click here for all the information related to the conference. Come learn something new, come talk to us and let us help you in your one of a kind HR Journey. See you there. 

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