19 Jul 2021

Love it or hate it, but Human Resources (HR) is the Keystone of any organization. The HR department is responsible for employee recruitment, training, employee retention, payroll, etc. In short, human resources management is not an easy task and must be carried out with the utmost care and awareness.

Fortunately, there are now human resource management systems or HRIS solutions that manage a number of important HR functions such as payroll, performance assessments, time and attendance tracking, taxes, benefits, etc. Simply put, a good HR and payroll cloud-based software reduces much of the burden of HR service.

A link between the HRIS solution and human resources is a secure gateway to an efficient and productive HR service. Following are the reasons:

PAYROLL (SSF Compliance??) 
Whether it’s a tax policy update or a change in employee pay packages. It is certainly a tedious task for HR staff to keep abreast of the same by using an inherited tool such as a spreadsheet or other manual means. With the talks of SSF and its compliance on a payroll system currently in Nepal, it gets somehow hectic to manage every aspects of legal compliance manually (Stay Tuned for our blog on SSF).

 If, on the other hand, you equip your HR department with a cloud-based HRIS solution, it is able to keep abreast of all regulatory and legal developments, which allows payroll accounting and tax compliance to be error-free.
Keep in mind that an automated HRIS solution eliminates human error and eliminates inconsistencies and redundancies in payroll. More importantly, fast pay processing means happy employees, and a happy workforce translates into a productive work environment.

With HRMS software, HR managers can record, manage and extract all employee data in a central, standardized location. All important employee data you need is stored in a central location and is accessible at the touch of a button. This creates a high degree of transparency and ensures that the information is always up to date.

The automation features of a cloud-based HRIS solution make the entire data and document management process for paperless employees. Dematerialization means that you will significantly reduce your environmental footprint and benefit from an effective HR team. FANTASTIC! Eliminating paperwork means that you save more time and effort than you can devote to other innovative tasks.


There comes a time when a company is exposed to compliance issues, audits or litigation. In the face of such unforeseen events, scattered data is of no use to save a business. However, a robust HRIS solution would certainly pave the way for periods when it keeps your HR department abreast of all legal and regulatory requirements by providing a central hub.


With a powerful cloud-based HRIS solution, your HR department can focus more on other strategic and central issues such as employee/company growth and development, training, leadership, Engagement, etc. Without this solution, HR would focus on pay management, time/attendance tracking, timecard management, etc.


Almost all HRIS solutions available today have a performance management module that helps automate employee performance, allowing managers to perform a fair performance assessment. Say goodbye to favoritism and the conflicts that come with it. Yes, the performance assessment software regularly tracks employee performance and provides accurate reports.

Without a doubt, employees are the most valuable asset of any company. If HR is able to take care of your employees with a robust HRIS solution that supports all HR functions, from hiring to retirement, it will help your business become more accountable and retain employees.

Can't wait to share with you a complete blog on the Social Security Fund itself and its compliance and compatibility with our Nimble OfficeHRM. 

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