8 Oct 2021

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                                                    BLOG SESSION 1:  HIRING A PERFECT CANDIDATE

Going through a pile of documents is like struggling through a mountain and getting short of air in altitude. I am specifically talking about “RECRUITMENT”. Yes, like many other traditional business practices, the traditional job interview has practically reached the level of an oral frustrating tradition, a gene-like culture passed down from hiring manager to hiring manager. But we are today talking about rapidly growing technological advancement and why is it that we are still approaching the old traditional way?? 

In this first ever Session of our very own “The NimbleI Scribbles” (Cool, isn’t it?), we will be talking about HIRING A PERFECT CANDIDATE aka The RECRUITMENT Process. 


Now, as I have mentioned earlier, traditional approach is piles and papers. Yes, it looks boring, it is!! And more to it, it is even frustrating to see through the pile of documents for the best candidate. Sometimes, the Hiring Team are like person with superpowers to scan through a pile of documents to file the perfect evidence like in any detective series (Real life is not that smart!? But wait, or is it??). Moving on, the traditional approaches include newspapers, adverts, and paper CVs which are slowly getting replaced by thinking beyond what is already there and what should be done to reach to the optimum. 


There is a recruitment process, the traditional recruitment, the not-so-traditional recruitment and then the master of all as the name suggests “THE OPTIMIZED RECRUITMENT PROCESS” (Ok think it as if I am exaggerating instead of saying “use a recruitment software!!!”). But let’s be honest, a best recruitment software in the market will not only make your process seem less but also break the chain from the traditional handing over of the manual process from hiring manager. What are the benefits one can have over such optimized recruitment process? The major benefits include convenience, error-free, success rate, low cost, parallel processing, money factor, reach, personal relations, etc. 


The catch here is using the best software for “Hiring the best Candidate”. Why? Because we know a sleepy, frustrated mind will give you nothing but failed hires (if not you might have the worst nightmare of selected hire to drop the offer; I know this is scary, trust me been there).  More to it, if switching Nimble’s Recruitment System, you will get grab of the following benefits (Let’s Steal the Show): 
1.    Linked Directly with your Career Page via Public IP 
2.    Admin and Candidate Login 
3.    The most interactive and intuitive creation of filters in the HIRING STAGES
4.    Integrable and Dynamic System (yes, we can take changes positively)
5.    Draft, Post or Schedule a Job Opening for future
6.     Check the CV Style profile of all your candidates as well as job-wise applicants 
7.    Let your system select the best one for the job for you (Well, this… soon in the future 😊) 

The catch here: Relax, Sit Back and Focus on hiring the best one rather than indulging yourselves in the pile of documents. Come talk to us for the free demo trial. Happy Holidays!!! See you at another session of The NimbleI Scribbles. Stay Tuned. 

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