20+ crore on buying International software

20+ crore on buying International software
26 Apr 2022

We Nepali spend more than 20 crore on buying software from International Vendors every year. 

The sad part is, there are bonafide software products of international standard built inside our country But we choose foreign software over Nepali software.
Do you know +impacts if Nepalese companies will start preferring software made in Nepal? 

The benefits are as follows:

1. We will generate employment inside our country. Less Brain-Drain. 

2. Our forex reserves will improve. So do a decrease in inflation, a decrease in poverty, and an increase in the standard of living.

3. Our quality of the software will increase because it will get investment to improve and get better. The biggest investor of any company is their customers. 

4. Our knowledge (know-how) in software development will also improve.


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